One Productivity Tool to Keep You on Track for 2014

One Productivity Tool to Keep You on Track for 2014

To help make 2014 better than 2013, consider one productivity tool to keep you on track.

Perhaps you are one of those people who already have your daily habits and rituals down to an art and you don’t need help in that area. I cannot claim to be in that group. My habits are not as good for me as I want them to be. In fact, I have been doing a lot of reading lately about creating right habits and squeezing out the bad ones.

I have started to learn about the difference between goals and processes. James Clear does a great job of writing about changing your life. In this post, he shows that to achieve your potential, you need to take steps daily. Too often we have big goals and no plan to accomplish them.

Actions Speak Louder Than Goals

There is a tool that can help you reach your goals.  It’s called Irunurun, (linked here)  and  for individual users, it is completely free.

This super simple tool allows you to set up a “should do” list on a weekly basis.  These are the day-by-day steps that you decide that you need to take to achieve your potential. They are called “Actions”.

There is a maximum of seven actions per week allowed for individual users. The number of actions are limited to help you focus. You can’t maintain much focus if you are dealing with fifty actions a week.

The total number of actions are weighted either manually or automatically. You receive points (aiming for a total of 100) for each action that you mark off for a week. A sample dashboard is pictured below. The days of the week are laid out Monday through Sunday. You click the letter of the day that you complete the action and the app calculates the percentage of completion and adds the points to the results section.

One Productivity Tool to Keep You on Track for 2014

On Sunday nights, the results recycle to zero and the days of the week are unmarked. You then start marking the new week. If you need to make edits to your actions, be sure you make them before the Sunday night recycle, or you will have the same set of actions through the week. It’s  a clever feature to make sure you plan ahead.

Getting Started

Signing up is super simple.  For a free account, you will just need to enter your first name, your last name, email address and create a password.

Once that is done, you can start adding your actions and determining how many times a week you want to complete them.  In Settings, you can set up to get email reminders or get an email with your weekly score.

There is even an option to send email invitations to people to become teammates and to help with your own accountability.

Whatever is Measured is Managed


The elegance of this application makes you want to use it. There is a psychological boost in seeing those actions marked off and seeing your point score rise from zero throughout the week.

Another thing I loved is that the site has one of the most well written FAQ’s I have ever seen. They are entertaining and informative. There is also an iPhone app!

To learn more about Irunurun, you can watch this short video:


Wrap Up

If you give Irunurun a try, please let me know what you think about it.  I would also welcome learning about other tools that help people to stay on target to achieve greatness.



  1. Mark Newton says:

    Thanks for the post! Please let us know your experience and if we can do anything to help.

    Run hard!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hey Patricia,

    That’s a pretty cool tool for those like yourself that prefer using something to help you stay on track. I’m still of the old school I guess and I use a notepad to write down what I need to be doing each day.

    Technology is great and all but I prefer to have something physically in front of me because we all know at times when sites go down and we can’t access what we want then we’re left just twiddling our fingers.

    It also helps me to write things down ahead of time and look things up I’ve done in the past. I know, we have technology for that but I just prefer it this way.

    I’m glad you found something though that works for you and I’ll be sure to pass this along as well. You’re not the only one that needs something to help them stay organized.

    Have a great day.


    • Patricia Haag says:

      Hi Adrienne – Thank you for coming over to my site and commenting on my Irunurun post. I also keep some pen and paper notes; I just need lots of ways to keep myself on track. Whatever works:)

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