Google+ Communities: Tilting Towards Social Media

Google+ Communities: Tilting Towards Social Media

I was checking out Google+ Communities today.  These are the groups that surround a topic of interest within Google+.  I wanted to join a couple of online business communities.

Searching For Google+ Communities

A search for “ecommerce” returned dozens of communities, but there was something strange.  There were a few communities with over 100 members, but only a couple with 500+ members.  The vast majority were in the one to four member range.  Very surprising; I expected more vibrant communities around that subject.

A search for “social media” returned much bigger communities.  Several with over 5,000 members.  Even “SEO” and “Content Marketing” didn’t catch social media for groups and participation.

I don’t think that social media came out on top because Google+ is a social media platform. I think this because social media is such a serious need for business.

What Social Media Means to Business

I saw this quote in a post on Ileane Smith’s

“SEO is done by getting people talking about your site on social and on other important websites in your market”

(you can read the entire article here)

That sums up nicely the emphasis on social media.  SEO is confounding and the rules can change the next day.

Social media is confounding also, but the rules are easier to follow and don’t change so drastically.  Maybe you can’t do an auto-follow on Twitter any longer, but that’s not going to blow your online business out of the water.

Growth Industry

If I learned anything from my Google+ Communities search is that social media is definitely a growth industry for people who are online.  Especially for social media strategists.

Even for those who aren’t strategists can make inroads by just helping businesses, big and small, create and maintain their social presences.

I would love to know your views on social media as it relates to your business.  Please comment — Thank you!




  1. Eric says:

    Nice post, These days it seems like social media and SEO are becoming one in the same. I’ve found that some of my posts on Google plus are out ranking the actual articles LOL! What I think it comes down to is quality over quantity and getting real people involved in the conversation.

    -Eric Out-
    Eric recently posted…Best Prospecting Strategies – What Would Batman Do?My Profile

    • Patricia Haag says:

      Hi Eric – Thanks so much for leaving a comment! That’s a fascinating comment about your Google+ posts; it’s almost as if Google were trying to get rid of SEO altogether. Have a great day!

  2. Ileane says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I’m a fan of social media not only because of what it can do for business but because it’s the best way to connect with like-minded people.

    Thanks for the shout out in the post!

    • Patricia Haag says:

      Hi Ileane – Thank you for your comment. Totally agree that social media is a great way to connect with like-minded people. Like personal computers, I don’t know what I did before social media!

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